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Welded type filter disc

Orig:浙江省浦江宏达有限公司 Time:2022-05-25

The purpose of the filter disc is to filter out the mechanical impurities, gel, coke and other contaminants in the melt and balance the pressure difference. Filter discs play a key role in the stable operation of film production lines and the production of high-quality products. Its structure is composed of two layers of stainless steel fiber sintered felt, two layers of perforated plates and a supporting distribution net (woven mesh or TP plate), which is a double-sided symmetrical composite structure.

The Welded type filter disc is composed of perforated plate, woven mesh and stainless steel fiber sintered felt, the bracket and the disc are welded together, and the inner ring adopts welding process. 

Material: stainless steel 304 or 316L.  Size and precision can be made according to customer requirements.